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    Cardboard photo frames
    single opening matboard
    multi-openings matboard
    raw material
    letters matboard
    matboard frames
    cross stitch matboard with openings
    bevel openings renderings
    shaped openings matboard
    finished cardboard
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    Companies adhere to the "people and common development of enterprises," the concept of human resources for each employee to provide equal employment, development and training opportunities, identify the individual needs of employees, each employee's ability to fully consider, potential and interest.

    Recruitment purposes
    With a spirit of service and responsibility, competent in the ability of the company staff positions.

    Dedication to the letter to people-oriented

    Corporate Philosophy
    Innovation as a source - Evergreen thinking, pioneering spirit, the pursuit of excellence;
    The scramble for the potential - no one I have, I have gifted, gifted people I new;
    A realistic for the Road - down to earth, pragmatic, dare to practice;
    Honesty - sincere communication, credit first, sincere solidarity.

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